ILT Education expands its services to provide resources for Ukrainian refugees

Comment piece from Jakob Skogholm, CEO at ILT Education

We all see with horror the development in Ukraine, and the suffering and refugee flows that come from it. Seeing how entire societies are now adjusting to meet a new wave of refugees, immediately after all the hardships of the pandemic, creates a sense of community and strength in our democratic societies.

For us at ILT Education, this also means that we need to change quickly, especially in our services. We recognize the situation from 2015 when Sweden welcomed thousands of refugees and the need for our multilingual services significantly increased. Now we are charging with great force to meet our various markets’ needs to support the newly arrived Ukrainian families and children.

Below you can find out how each of our various services are being adapted to support Ukrainian families and children.

Manabua / Begreppa – Available in Sweden, Finland and Norway

We have started translating movies in Manabua / Begreppa into both Ukrainian and Russian. The first step is to add subtitles to the videos, and then the audio will follow. The first films are now available in the service, and 40 new videos with Ukrainian subtitles will be added every week over the next few months. In Sweden we are also adding Ukrainian to the Manabua/Begreppa guides, these are pedagogic translations of existing textbooks from the biggest publishing houses in Sweden, such as Natur&Kultur, Gleerups, Liber and Sanoma.

Manabua / Begreppa was originally a service dedicated to non-native school students. It provides a range of guides to textbooks and educational films in multiple languages which allow such pupils to integrate more quickly into the school and not fall behind in their education.

All of our customers will automatically have access to these new materials as soon as they are available. In Sweden, Finland and Norway, the service is available for free until the end of the spring term for teachers to use with their Ukrainian students in the classroom.

Follow the links below for full information about how to access Manabua / Begreppa:




Polylino / Polyglutt / Lukulumo Preschool – Available in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, UK, USA and Canada

We have opened up Polylino preschool for free to Ukrainian refugees in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, UK, USA and Canada. Many of the books can already be listened to in Ukrainian and we will be adding more books over the coming weeks. We will also add books where the text is in Ukrainian as well as the audio, and look to add books from Ukrainian publishers. Usually this service is only available for preschools, but for a limited time the service is available to be used by Ukrainian families outside of the classroom.

Polylino is the leading multilingual audio and digital picture book service for preschools in Europe. It provides high-quality children’s books across a huge range of topics which can be used with young children. What is so unique about Polylino is that many of the books are available to listen to in up to 60 different languages. This allows for all children to be included at storytime, no matter what their mother tongue is.

Follow the links below for full information about how to access Polylino / Polyglutt / Lukulumo Preschool :







Polylino / Lukulumo School – Available in Sweden and Finland

Similar to our preschool service, Polylino / Lukulumo school is now available for free to Ukrainian refugees in Sweden and Finland for a limited time. As well as the books that are already available to listen to in Ukrainian, we are working on publishing a series of easy-to-read books in Ukrainian and launching translations of our popular fact series.

Polylino / Lukulumo School provides hundreds of digital books and resources for teachers to use in the classroom with their pupils. Just like Polylino / Polyglutt / Lukulumo preschool, many of the books are available to listen to in many languages to ensure that all children can be included in the same lesson.

Follow the links below for full information about how to access Polylino / Lukulumo School :



Our employees at ILT are now focusing hard on delivering all of these new resources as quickly as possible to make it easier for the preschools and schools in our various markets to be able to support the Ukrainian children as quickly as possible.

Contact details

If you have any questions about accessing these services, please contact our customer service team at kundsupport@inlasningstjanst.se.

If you have any questions about this special campaign, please get in contact with alexandra.blomberg@ilteducation.com.