Best European Learning Materials Award 2020

Polyglutt/Polylino/Lukulumo is happy to announce that we are considered as one of best quality learning materials in Europe. The European Educational Publishers Group awarded the digital children’s book service with the special prize of the jury 2020.

Statement of the jury about Polyglutt/Polylino/Lukulumo:

”A large selection of children’s illustrated books and picture books in different languages gives young and older children of kindergarten age varied reading opportunities.”

”Diversity is emphasised through several books about ‘rainbow families’.”

”Some books are supplied with sign language reading for inclusion of children with special needs such as hearing difficulties or with sight interpretation including blind children.”

”Several minority languages are represented giving minority children opportunities to strengthen their first language.”

”An interesting concept aiming at facilitating the integration of migrant children via exposure to a multilingual access online library of age relevant reading materials.”

”The application provides a wide collection of colourful, lively, and motivating illustrations as well as attractive and efficiently recorded audio versions of the books”

”The digitalised reading materials can be easily accessed by all children, with or without disabilities, thanks to audio versions of the texts based on qualified translations as well as sign language video versions of several illustrated children books.”

”The app functions well and is easy to navigate.”

The BELMA (Best European Learning Materials Award) gives examples of outstanding learning and teaching materials and sets quality standards within the industry. The sponsors are the Frankfurt Book Fair, the International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media (IARTEM) and the European Educational Publishers Group (EEPG). The award has been given since 2009.

A big thank you BELMA for this award!